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I saw this: http://slayer-bigbang.livejournal.com/

And five minutes later I had a strong desire to write a Luna Lovegood becomes a Slayer fic. With Giles! And Faith!

I have no idea how it would go, though. Idea in search of a plot...
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This is the last of these.

Scarlett O'Hara = Harmony Kendall
Rhett Butler = Spike
Ashley = Wesley
Melanie = Tara

Ellen O'Hara = Buffy
Gerald O'Hara = Anya
Suellen O'Hara = Dawn
Careen O'Hara = Drusilla

Will Benteen = Oz
Bonnie Blue Butler = Willow
Charles Hamilton = William
Aunt Pittipat = Remember what I said about no old maids in the Buffyverse?
Frank Kennedy = Xander
Mammy = Giles
Belle Watling = Faith

Discworld was filled with powerful people. Gone With the Wind is full of honorable people. NOTE: That is, I'm trying to consider characters as they are viewed by the text, but that doesn't mean that I agree with this assessment, especially as it concerns honor and attitude toward black people, slavery, etc.

Scarlett O'Hara is not smart, she's vulgar, selfish, and extremely determined. She does not have hidden depths, which ruled out Cordelia, even very early Cordelia. Anya isn't stupid enough. Harmony doesn't quite have the grit, but other than that she fits perfectly. And I like sticking her opposite Spike, because even though I haven't figured out exactly why this would be interesting, I'm pretty sure there would be some way to play this against Buffy and Angel canon to say something interesting.

Spike gets to be not exactly the good guy who falls both passionately in love and out of love (look at him and Dru). No brainer casting.

I almost put William in as Ashley, and that could have been clever as an examination of the ways Spike is and isn't like William, but since I'm just doing characters, Wesley fits better. Not that Wesley ends up lost in a world he can't deal with, but he has the grasp of theories and the imagination and the nerves. If you look at early Wesley, it would not be hard to imagine him turning out an Ashley.

Tara once again gets a part for her general sweetness and believing the best of people. And remember that time Tara killed a demon at the beginning of Season 6? Melanie has grit too.

Buffy is a role model, and so is Ellen O'Hara. I put Anya in for Gerald O'Hara because Anya is rather territorial and cares about The Magic Shop in the same way Gerald cares about his land. Dawn is the little sister who's jealous of her older sister and has to scramble for what's her own. I thought about putting Willow here and it would also work pretty well; there's the same sort of rivalry at times...and the other thing that would be interesting about putting Willow here is that Suellen is actually wronged. And Careen is troubled by the deaths around her and becomes a nun, which makes her a good fit for Drusilla.

Will Benteen is a quiet listener; so is Oz. Willow, like Bonnie, doesn't know when to stop and goes too far. William and Charles Hamilton are a perfect match. Perfect, I tell you. Xander and Frank are both good guys, easily confused by women. Giles, like Mammy, tries to lead his charge in the way she should go, take care of her, and act like a parent at times without actually being one. Also, there's a certain ruthlessness coupled with a very strong 'but this far and no further' to go with it. And Faith is the bad girl who isn't that bad really.

As for plot, who doesn't know the plot of Gone With The Wind? The Civil War tears apart a strict but happy society and remakes the world of the south. Who doesn't remember Harmony vowing that she'll never be hungry again, and then later on breaking all unwritten rules of the vampires of the South when she makes friends with Northerners...and then eats them? And that scene where Drusilla tries to turn a Northern soldier and then they have to find the corpse where she buried it and decapitate it before it rises to betray them...

And of course the evolution of William into Spike after Harmony claims him and turns him on their wedding night and then rejects him soon after, and Spike's efforts to win her back...and the heartbreak when Willow, recently turned, misjudges how long she has until sunrise and burns to death while her sire and grandsire watch in horror.

Truly a classic.
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Because P&P was fun.

Vetinari = Giles
Vimes = Faith
Carrot = Riley Finn
Angua = Dawn
Nobby Nobbs = There's no one like Nobby Nobbs. Accept no substitutes.
Fred Colon = Lorne
Detritus = Gunn
Cheery Littlebottom = Doyle
Constable Visit-the-Infidel-With-Explanatory-Pamphlets = Wesley
Lady Sybil = Illyria
Moist von Lipwig = Willow
The Archchancellor = Xander
The Librarian = Oz
Bursar = Drusilla
Ponder Stibbons = Fred
(Leonard of Quirm = Fred)
Granny Weatherwax = Are you kidding? A Buffyverse character that ends up an old maid?
Lily Weatherwax = Maggie Walsh
Nanny Ogg = Anya
(Cut-me-own-throat Dibbler = Anya)
Magrat = Tara
Death = Buffy
Death of rats = Vi
Susan Sto Helit = Cordelia

First of all, Vetinari is a comedy character type, because he's always right. He reminds me a bit of some P. G. Wodehouse characters. No, wait. Henry in Isaac Asimov's Black Widower stories is also always right, and that's not comedy. But in any case, it's an unusual character type that only works under certain circumstances. Giles isn't always right. Giles isn't a political genius either. And yet...think how much happier Giles would have been if he was Vetinari. Watcher is a stupid dead-end job (at least as presented), and shopkeeper never really agreed with him. Giles needed more scope. (As a father figure, it's hard to forgive Giles for leaving Buffy and blaming it on her...but on the other hand, as a Watcher, or even as a person, he didn't have a whole lot of purpose and if he wanted to go off and find something more, it's hard for me to blame him for that.) Taking on the role of Vetinari might be a bit much for him, but I don't see anyone else who could even try. And maybe it would be good for him.

At first I had Buffy as Vimes, but Faith works better because she fell off the good wagon and is working her way back. As for Carrot, that's clean cut corn fed Iowa boy Riley Finn of Season 4. Carrot, obviously, would in fact visit vampire whores, but probably because he was worried about their living conditions.

Angua needed to be someone who's level-headed, and it was between Dawn and Lorne, but Dawn won because she can pass as human. I don't know, I'm really becoming unsure about my characterization of Dawn. I'm not sure I can support her being level-headed. It's not supported in Season 5 or 6, she's "emo kid sister" and "attention-seeking shoplifting kid sister". Maybe I just want her to be. Level-headed characters are in short supply. Or maybe it's because she's got to be pretty level headed off camera to get through everything. She's probably a bit more level headed in season 7, too. There's the whole acceptance of being normal plot.

Is it weird that the green-skinned guy is the one who comes across to me as the most absolutely normal character around? Probably because he's centered and happy with himself. Lorne's smarter than Colon though. Gunn, like Detritus, is much more than just a strong guy. Doyle needs to come to terms with who he is; maybe he'd have been more like Cheery if he'd been around longer. Obviously, this is early Wesley, and is mostly a joke.

I may be type-casting Illyria as people with "Lady" in their name, and it's probably a bit unfair to Lady Sybil, but...sort of like Giles, this may be somewhere for Illyria to go if she's tired of being where she is. Find something and hold on to it and take care of it.

Willow, like Moist, is smart and capable of both great good and great evil. Xander and the Archchancellor both have an essential cheerfulness and that goes along with an unwillingness to accept certain things.

Oz and the librarian are pretty cool about turning into animals. Drusilla is simply typecast as someone who is also a bit mad. Fred is the scientist type...but I think Fred as Leonard of Quirm is more interesting. Remember when Fred made that thing that looked like a toaster and threw axes? Does she ever do anything like that again? Because I wish she would.

Maggie Walsh, like Lily Weatherwax, is manipulative and thinks she's the good one. (This could be Willow, except that Willow doesn't think she's good, she thinks she's justified.)

Anya is clearly not a well developed character in my mind, because I keep putting her in as 'person who says things that aren't tasteful'. Of course, she does want to get married and have children, so Nanny Ogg works on that level too.

Tara has New Age vibes, and when it comes down to it, she can stand up for herself. Buffy and Death both have points where they run away from their job, said job involving death. And I know the potentials are really people in their own right, but they just came across as this mass of Slayerness. Vi is the one whose name I could remember.

Cordelia is very strong minded, like Susan Sto Helit.

The plot: Glory rips a hole in reality while trying to get home, but doesn't kill Dawn...and ends up in Discworld. Buffy tries to sacrifice herself and fails both to sacrifice herself and to close the hole (if Spike can fall off the top of that tower without dying, then I'd assume that so long as the rift in reality doesn't kill her, Buffy will survive the fall).

The spirit of Sunnydale/LA invades Discworld (sort of like that book in which "music with rocks in" takes over Discworld). In Discworld, people begin planning for the next apocalypse as if they've done this before while Glory causes havoc; in Sunnydale/LA people have very real and energetic dreams, and have no energy for their waking hours. This includes everyone, not just our heroes, but vampires with souls are not affected because of reasons (actually, it's possible that no one ever figures out why).

Spike and Angel (this occurs in an AU where the Glory plot happens during Season 7 of Buffy and something else happened in Season 5) must journey to Discworld and join forces with Granny Weatherwax and Nobby Nobbs (the in world explanation for them is that Granny is unaffected by the weirdness because she's good at protecting her mind, and Nobby isn't affected because he really is just that unique). Working together (and with some help and some hinderence from other characters), they defeat Glory, fix the rift, and separate the worlds.
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So I clicked on a Spander fanfic version of P&P because hey, I like P&P, I wanted to read some Spander to see if I liked it, and this story had won an award. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a story that was not my cup of tea, but one of the casting decisions really got me thinking.

At first when I saw that Lydia was Buffy (or Buffy was Lydia) I was completely baffled, because Lydia's main trait is irresponsibility, and Buffy...really isn't, but then it occurred to me that Buffy could be cleverly using all that chasing after soldiers and constant trips to Meryton as cover for being the Slayer. Because Mrs. Bennet is hardly going to approve of killing vampires, but she clearly does approve of chasing after guys.

So, keeping Lydia = Buffy, what to do about the rest of the characters? First of all, there's really no way that Darcy can be Spike in my version. Which is sad, because I wanted to make the Netherfield crowd the Fanged Four, but Darcy is reserved and Spike isn't. Spike is also not Bingley, Spike's got way too much sarcasm in his makeup, and also he doesn't give up when he falls in love. So I decided to make Angel Darcy (brooding, yes, tall, yes, has friends that think a lot of him, yes), and cast Netherfield from Angel the tv show.

Darcy = Angel
Bingley = Gunn
Caroline = Darla
Mrs. Hurst = Gunn's sister

Gunn, I think, has some of the same openness as Bingley (though admittedly without some of the innocence). I thought about Lorne, since he's more of a friend to Angel than Gunn is, but Lorne doesn't appear to be open to romance. Lorne, in fact, is usually a rather self-contained character. And Wesley is too...he lives inside of himself in a way I don't think Bingley does.

Caroline could also be Cordelia, but I didn't think that was fair to the Cordelia of Angel. It would have to be the Cordelia of Buffy. Darla, however, pretty much always works as Caroline, at least in intent, though she's a bit more straightforward in methods.

Mrs. Hurst got cast to fit the plot, because Mrs. Hurst doesn't get much development, so anyone can be stuck in.

Now for Longbourn:

Mr. Bennet = that principal that got eaten by something
Mrs. Bennet = Principal Snyder
Jane = Tara
Lizzie = Cordelia
Mary = Anya
Kitty = Willow
Lydia = Buffy

I really like my Mr. & Mrs. Bennet casting :) Tara is the only character with anything like Jane's sweetness. Cordelia is the Cordelia of Angel, and I think she works as Lizzie because Lizzie has a certain degree of say it like it is but with the compassion and understanding that Cordelia develops. Xander wouldn't be bad here either, but he's a bit on the conventional side. Lizzie isn't quite conventional, though she lives in her world she's also more amused by it than Xander is. If Buffy wasn't already Lydia, she could go here too on personality (though I'm pretty sure it would mess up the plot if Buffy killed Darla the first time Lizzie went to Netherfield). Anya and Mary both have a habit of displaying their thoughts/talents in a way that others don't always find tasteful. Poor Willow. She doesn't want to be a sidekick, and yet, there she goes, the Kitty to Buffy's Lydia.

Mr. Collins = Jonathan
Wickham = Spike
Georgiana Darcy = Drusilla
Colonel Fitzwilliam = Xander
Lady Catherine = Illyria
Charlotte = Dawn
Mr. Gardiner = Giles
Mrs. Gardiner = Joyce

I'm sort of sorry about putting Jonathan in as Collins, but...oh well, I think it works. Spike is Wickham because Wickham just wants to have fun. Dru was pretty obvious for the shy girl who got taken advantage of (almost got taken advantage of in the original, but in this story, Dru is a vampire, so there's no almost). Xander is good natured and the sort of person people tend to get along with. Tell me, would you want to be in a drawing room with Illyria staring at you like Lady Catherine de Bourgh? I think Dawn is pretty practical and accepts the hand she's dealt (not that she's always happy with it), like Charlotte. And Giles and Joyce get to be the somewhat more successful of the older generation, who aren't an embarrassment.

(Yes, I completely ignored shipping. Let's see, we have Gunn and Tara, hmm. Angel and Cordelia, nice. Buffy and Spike :) Jonathan and Dawn, ummmmmmm, not ideal. Oh, and Spike turned Dru instead of the other way around.)

As for the plot, obviously Darla/Caroline is the prime mover. She's a vampire, and she and Gunn's sister are using Gunn/Bingley (who isn't a vampire, but who can't kill them because of reasons) as cover as they move into a new neighborhood and start preying on the people there. Angel is newly ensouled, and is pulled between Gunn (who wants him to join forces and stop the slaughter) and Darla and Gunn's sister, who are trying to corrupt him.

Meanwhile, Angel meets Cordelia and is rude to her. She is not impressed.

Buffy/Lydia kills lots of soldiers who Darla and Gunn's sister have turned into vampires.

More things happen. In the end, there is a big showdown with the fate of the world at stake, and then everyone gets married.


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