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There are spoilers for The Princess Bride in this entry.

I was thinking about the question of what makes a character as I was writing The Prince and the Pirate, because neither Buttercup nor Westley stand out in terms of being well defined characters for me, but I did want to do role reversal and not just have the characters swap places. So I wanted to separate the character from the role, and have Buttercup fill the role of pirate a bit differently than Westley did. (Sadly, in terms of timing, I was only just starting to get a feel for characters when I ran out of time, so I don't know how well I succeeded, but that was the intent.)

Anyway, I think that characters have to do a certain amount before they become real to me. So when I think about Buttercup as the kind of person who jumps out of a boat into eel infested waters, or the kind of person who will stand up to Humperdinck despite having no actual power, then I start to see who she is. And then I can start to work toward generalities, like that Buttercup is impulsive and uncompromising and despite her talk, wants to survive more than she thinks (because she's the sort of person who will get back into a boat full of kidnappers to get out of eel infested waters). (I don't think she would have actually killed herself even if not interrupted, either, though I grant this is simply my interpretation.) But when I have questions about a character, it's not the generalities that I go back to, it's the actions.

And Westley, for a protagonists he's rather amazingly perfect, always gets done what needs to be done in the movie, but it's really rather character revealing how he always does things the way other people want them done. He might transform their intentions, he might beat them at their own game, but he plays their game. That's pretty interesting character note, isn't it?
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My recipient wanted role reversal in the Princess Bride and I just couldn't resist the prompt. So this is a story about Buttercup, the Dread Pirate, and Wesley the Prince, and what happened after the movie.

7662 words.

This is the second year I've not written Discworld despite having the option. And this year I even matched on it. But maybe next year?


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