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Weird thing to get attached to

The idea of the outline was always to move past the outline at some point, and I've finally gotten to that point and now it turns out that although I started with characters, I have at this point become weirdly attached to the detached god-level view of this story, so much that I'm actually reluctant to move down into an actual character pov.

(I've mostly decided on writing in third limited, but there's an outside chance that I'll reconsider in favor of first at some later point, and have to switch.)

Symptoms include having to write everything that seems important down from an impartial perspective so that I know, off in notes somewhere, even if I'm also putting the exact same information into the actual text of the story from a character pov, because the characters aren't seeing the whole picture. Which is sort of the whole point of characters, isn't it?

Also, tendency toward infodumps, which is a bit unfortunate, I suppose, but surely everyone will be interested in endless worldbuilding details?

Ah well, this is not the pass that's supposed to be readable anyway, that's the next one. (My process contains many passes through the whole story.)
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I like endless worldbuilding details! Anything you can get your readers to sit raptly for is a good thing. =)
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It probably also depends on the subgenre. Like, hard sf of the Big Mysterious Object kind, it's sort of expected that your reader will be interested in long digressions about orbital mechanics or whatever. If it's fast-paced sword & sorcery with a conventional standardized world, maybe not so much. But you could always be the exception. =)