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Thank you in advance for your writing! I hope this letter will be helpful to you, but obviously it's all optional; I'm just putting ideas out there.

In general, I prefer stories with some amount of plot. Either gen or something centered on a romantic relationship is fine, but I'd rather not have any explicit sex, or sex as the main point of the story, please. I like things that are fairly close to the spirit of the original in these fandoms.

Casson Family - Hilary McKay - Eve Casson, Linda - I am curious about their relationship, and how they shared everything. Maybe something about them when they were younger, and what their family life is like growing up? What is Eve like when she's the age of any of her children that we see, and is Linda anything like Eve? How do they handle being twins? Perhaps they could face some similar circumstances to the events in any of the books, but react differently based on their own characters and background, as they would? Or show how the world is different for their generation (if that makes sense to you)? Or something about how they were similar or different as mothers of young children, or an AU in which Linda survived to raise Saffy. I would really like to see a positive relationship between Eve and Linda, though unconventional is also pretty much a given. Please, no incest, and I also do not want a story about the circumstances of Saffy's conception.

Dragaera - Steven Brust - Pel - Pel is such a twisty and devious character, and yet I think some of his best moments are when he's not being devious, but rather explaining some devious concept to a more straightforward character. I'd love to see moments like that, or some moment when the devious intersects with the straightforward, like if one of Pel's plans hit an unexpectedly straightforward obstacle. I'd also love some kind of intrigue plot (maybe Yendi vs. Yendi, and Pel as a detective unraveling a situation that is not as it seems?), or something about the art of discretion. Does Pel ever face any challenges in his chosen profession? Anything with swordfights would also be lovely (but maybe the swordfights are not as they seem?) I would also enjoy a story that included Tazendra, Aerich, Khaavren, I enjoy that group of friends in any combination (but would prefer it be only friendship).

Starfarers Series - Vonda N. McIntyre - Basically, you cannot go wrong with this. Write about any of the characters in the whole series, I love them all. Write about OCs if you'd like. Write about the squidmoth or about any of the other alien species in general or in particular, write about Starfarer, the ship, and its future... I'm interested in the future, what happens next, and how Starfarer fits into it. How does Starfarer's mission hold up to the return to Earth? How does Earth respond? Where does Starfarer voyage next, who lives on Starfarer, what does the future look like after the events at the end of the last book? I'm also interested in alien biology and societies, alien politics, human politics as it relates to space travel... I also like the spirit of openness of Starfarers, and the aspects of it that are a lot of diverse people together on a starship, so if you want to write something that highlights that sort of thing, that would be lovely as well. Oh, and the archeology art project is my favorite side plot in the series, for what it's worth... Really, anything that evokes anything about this series.