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Dear Yuletide Author,

This is my first Yuletide, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what you write for me. Thank you in advance for your writing! I hope this letter will be helpful to you, but obviously it's all optional, and in some cases, just putting ideas out there.

In general, I prefer stories with plot, either gen or something centered on a relationship is fine, but I read for plot first. I'd rather not have any explicit sex, or sex as the main point of the story, if you could, please. I like things that are fairly close to the spirit of the original in these fandoms.

The Incredibles - If I could have requested characters with OR rather than AND, I would have said "Edna Mode OR Helen Parr OR Violet Parr OR Mirage". I'd really be happy with any of them, but I do like E best, and would adore seeing her, especially details of her life and history that we don't see in the movie. Her professional life, her personal life, anything.

What I really like about The Incredibles is the overlapping of superhero and personal stories, so a story that touches on both aspects of life in superhero world would be ideal.

Oh, also, can you imagine The Incredibles done as steampunk? Steampunk superheroes? Because I can and I think it would be amazing. But I know that's rather out there, so just a thought :)

Enchanted - I'm interested in culture clashes, fairy tale world vs. New York, especially as seen from a child's point of view. I'd also love to see characters from the "real world" end up in the fairy tale world. I'm entirely fine with OCs, btw, if it helps the story, or any other character from the movie in addition to Morgan.

Anyway, children in fairy tales have different sorts of plots from adults (who fall in love and get married) and I'd enjoy seeing the Disney fairy tale world as it applies to fairy tales about children, Morgan visiting the fairy tale world and having a child-type adventure, Morgan and Giselle having a difference of opinion based on how Giselle was raised in the fairy tale world and therefore her expectations, anything like that.

Magic for Beginners - I'd like to know more about Fox, she's such a cipher in the original story. A very cool cipher, but a cipher nonetheless. If you want to tell me something about what happened at the end, whether Fox died, how or what it means to her or to anyone else that she did or didn't die, that would be bonus, but really, I just want more about Fox and her adventures in any context.

Jeeves and Wooster - The thing I like especially about this tv version that I don't get so strongly from the original stories is the sense of real friendship and camaraderie between Jeeves and Wooster, so anything bringing that out would be amazing.

Aaaand that's all I can think of. Thanks again!
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