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Thank you in advance for your writing! I hope this letter will be helpful to you, but obviously it's all optional, and in some cases, just putting ideas out there.

In general, I prefer stories with some amount of plot. Either gen or something centered on a relationship is fine, but I'd rather not have any explicit sex, or sex as the main point of the story, please. I like things that are fairly close to the spirit of the original in these fandoms.

Starfarers Series, by Vonda N. McIntyre - Basically, you cannot go wrong with this. Write about any of the characters in the whole series, I love them all. Write about OCs if you'd like. Write about the squidmoth or about any of the other alien species in general or in particular, write about Starfarer, the ship, and its future... I'm especially interested in the future, what happens next, and how Starfarer fits into it. How does Starfarer's mission hold up to the return to Earth? How does Earth respond? Where does Starfarer voyage next, who lives on Starfarer, what does the future look like after the events at the end of the last book? I'm also especially interested in alien biology and societies, alien politics, human politics as it relates to space travel... I also like the spirit of openness of Starfarers, and the aspects of it that are a lot of diverse people together on a starship, so if you want to write something that highlights that sort of thing, that would be lovely as well. Oh, and the archeology art project is my favorite side plot in the series, for what it's worth... Really, anything that evokes anything about this series.

Forsyte Saga - Irene Heron - I would especially like to see Irene in a non-Forsyte context. Despite Irene's importance to the plot, in Galsworthy's work, we only see her as she relates to the men in her life, and I'd like to see Irene standing on her own, as we know also happens. I'd be especially interested in Irene at school (obviously a formative experience for her, she's very sure in herself when we first see her, and I think her school is a big part of why) or Irene after she leaves Soames for good and before she reenters the Forsyte circle (it can't have been easy for her, but she not only survives, she does what she can for others as well -- but how did she overcome the difficulties she faced? Obviously, society was against her for the choices she made...)

Dragaera, by Steven Brust - Tazendra, Aerich, Khaavren, Pel - I love this group of friends, and I would like to have at least two of the four, but if you want to center the story on a pair or on three of the four of them (but not, preferably, in a romantic context, I prefer friendship to any sort of romance here) that would be fine. My favorite books are The Phoenix Guards and Five Hundred Years After, I never really imprinted on the later Viscount of Adrilankha trilogy, though it is set during a very interesting time, so if you want use the events of that trilogy or ignore it or go AU with it, that's fine with me. I'd love something that's all fun and adventure, or if you want to do something more serious and not purely light-hearted adventure, I'd enjoy that too. If you feel up to including a sword-fight, that would be lovely! Anything from light-hearted through delving into character to taking on the immediate aftermath of Adron's disaster...
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