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I had a really long post I was going to write about how the techniques for writing non-chronologically are very similar to the techniques for writing multiple viewpoints, and today I went to look at it to see if I could finish it off and post it and sometime between then and now firefox ate it.

I can really only blame myself, it's probably been a month or more, but firefox is usually really nice about not eating things.

Oh well.

I wish I could remember what I said, though. It was mostly about worldbuilding, I think. Something about how both multiple viewpoints and non-chronological sections allow a writer to quickly and economically explore large portions of the world, I think. Or about how both of these are really good for exploring non-linear subjects (like worldbuilding, but there are probably other things that are non-linear that you might want to show)?

Something about change too, and how plot is change but to really explore a world you need to be able to stand still long enough to see it...or see it from different angles...

Or maybe...well, worldbuilding isn't plot, lots of things aren't plot, but sometimes the worldbuilding (or something else, character? group dynamics?) are almost more important than the plot (or have to be understood very well in order to understand the plot)? So it can be worth structuring things so that this is presented in the most effective order?

Or maybe about how historical change can show a world more clearly than any snapshot? Or how a snapshot can show certain complicated moments more clearly than any progression? And it all depends on what you want to show?

Anyway. It would have been a much more coherent post if I hadn't lost it, I'm sure, but I just wanted to note for the record (I sometimes look back at these things) that I was surprised to realize that if you want to move around in space in order to show different aspects of the world (or whatever), there are two options: move around in space directly (i.e. multiple viewpoints) or move around is space indirectly (i.e. move around in time too), and you can use a lot of the same techniques for each.
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