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I've been scouring the internet for reactions (it's fun to see what other people think), and have a few more things to say myself, reactions to reactions I suppose...

1) I've seen a lot of people commenting on the poor special effects in the first fight, and the weird running joke about language which seems OOC for Steve. My take on this, as I was watching it, was that I thought they were inside of some kind of simulation at first (because of the poor special effects), and then as soon as Steve said that about "language", I became convinced that they were broadcasting the simulation to children/children were involved in some way as some kind of an Avengers + children publicity stunt. I just think it's funny that these two things fit together in a coherent but totally different narrative for a while.

2) At a writing workshop I was at a long time ago, one of the instructors mentioned that a intermediate/advanced mistake is to try to write without any repetition. Repetition is not a bad thing, it highlights important things, reminds you of what's going on... so writing without repetition makes it harder to follow.

I was thinking that this movie makes that mistake, and then I found out (hearsay, I didn't track down a source, but hey, it makes sense) that apparently almost an hour of stuff was cut from the movie in editing to get it down to a decent length (which seems like poor planning?), and there's going to be a dvd with the full version. Interesting.

3) Sometimes when fanfic writers go pro... I think I've seen two different writers complain about how readers/critics of their writing can't seem to let go of their fanfic roots, compare their original characters to fanfic characters, say they're still basically writing fanfic because their original characters aren't original enough, things like that. And I've agreed with those fanfic writers that sure there are similarities but the original characters are definitely original.

Well, I've seen more than one person comparing Joss's versions of MCU characters to Buffy in all seriousness. So take heart, fanfic writers, it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with fanfic or lack of respect for fanfic writers who go on to write original fiction. This is just something that people do when they don't agree with the kind of patterns you tend to resonate with.

(For the record, I don't necessarily agree with the way Black Widow was handled in this movie, but I don't think that makes everything just a repeat of Buffy. Sure there are a few minor similarities, but still. These characters are still themselves, for better or worse.)


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