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I actually went to see a movie in the movie theatre. I must be a fan.

HYDRA living and thriving inside SHIELD was very cool. I also appreciate that the solution was to go public with all the secrets, thereby taking some of the power away from those who thrived in secrecy. I believe in openness and accountability for mysterious and powerful international entities. Especially SHIELD.

Those wings (the ones that Sam Wilson used) were also amazingly cool.

There was never a dull moment in this movie, and I think all the characters got something good to do, but I was especially intrigued by what the movie had to say about Natasha Romanoff's journey and identity.

(Though the bit at the end where she says "No you won't put me in jail because you need me" was...amazingly awful politics on so many levels. I don't think that it's impossible that they do need her, or that being needed will keep her out of jail (though I could almost see a White Collar type of situation if the movie had played out just a bit differently), but true or not, that is not what you say at a public hearing. Maybe it was a private hearing? Still not exactly the most politic thing to say. I wouldn't have thought that Natasha was the Tony Stark flaunting invulnerability at a hearing kind of person.

And furthermore, I'm not entirely sure it's the truth in this situation either. If whoever is in charge now decides to really "start over", Natasha could be part of the cleaning house. ...yes, I find this idea much more interesting than the flaunting we got in the movie, but movie characters have to have their win...)

I also like how Pierce found out that ruthlessness cuts both ways, with Fury.

I still don't understand how all these made up organization fit together. There's the World Security Council, SHIELD, HYDRA...and all the politics take place within the imaginatary world of Marvel, with only the occasional reference to the real world that we know about. And yet the United States of America clearly exists, and has some influence...

Marvel politics drive me crazy too. You can't really think about it, you just have to say "Yes freedom" and "No death from above". Because repulsor-powerd helicarriers (Tony Stark has either not learned his lesson about giving his tech to military organizations or...you know, I'm not sure how to reconcile this with the Tony Stark we've seen elsewhere in the MCU. He's the one who was down on SHIELD and using the Tesseract for weapons in The Avengers, Stark Industries was "No weapons" in Iron Man 3, even at the expense of absolutely not supporting research that really could have amazing medical implications...) Anyway, repulsor-powered helicarriers under the control of a secret organization whose military assets comprise three helicarriers and inflitration of SHIELD and whatever they can get from that...they could have killed some people, but as a long term plan by people who are embracing realpolitik, how long did they think they would last once they started shooting, and what made the helicarriers better than secret assassinations? I mean, seriously. They blew their secrecy, and for what?

On the other hand, it did make for a nice concrete target that the heroes could go after, and a very obvious win condition, so that there's no doubt within the movie that a win was accomplished. (I suppose Agents of SHIELD will be/has been dealing with some of the more complicated stuff...and I'm sort of curious, but I also quit watching Agents of SHIELD because I couldn't stand watching all these people who are painted as the good guys doing bad things with absolutely no narrative acknowledgement that they were acting like bad guys. So I don't know if I'm going to check that out again or not. I'm all for shades of gray, but I need them to be colored gray, not black and call it white. Although I have heard good things about the episodes since I stopped watching, that what they're doing is pretty cool, but it could be pretty cool without addressing what I dislike, probably.)

I also really liked the guy in the computer, something about the visuals with the green sort of static that was more ordered than static and showed vague images...that was really cool, and I'm not sure why. And having a guy in a computer didn't make any sense either. That kind of storage media...I'm pretty sure it wouldn't last even since the 70s. And if that guy wasn't backed up somewhere else...(surely he was backed up somewhere else)...then was he corrupted in some way, or was his brain altered when it was saved? Because in the first movie he was a fairly self interested science guy, as I recall. Not a sacrifice myself for the cause of Hydra type. Or perhaps existing as an obsolute computer is annoying and he wanted to end it all by stalling until the missile could arrive and kill him?

Also, one of the things that I took away from The Avengers was that SHIELD was not a unified organization, there were divisions and loyalties that bypassed the chain of command...and not just in theory, but on an operational level. That incident with the pilots who were not only more loyal to the WSC but could also act very quickly upon their loyalties said to me that there were elements there that were willing to betray other elements, and had the coordination and communications and structures in place to take orders from elsewhere. Which turned out to be the case, there was a whole secret organization within SHIELD. So does that bit from the Avengers tie in to HYDRA? Because it doesn't seem at all obvious.

For a movie called The Winter Soldier, there wasn't a lot of progress on the Winter Soldier plot, whatever it is.

In fact...who (besides SHIELD) got a plot arc that moved them to somewhere different than where they were at the start? Bucky Barnes, I suppose, especially if you stay for the post-credit scene. Natasha? Nick Fury? Hmm...

OH! I liked how the Captain America exhibit in the museum was used! I liked that a lot.

There were a lot of things that I liked that were small things that I can't remember to list. On the scene by scene level, this movie was very effective. Lots of good character stuff. Which I guess means that I liked this movie a lot better when watching it than when thinking about it.
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