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This is a good movie in a lot of directions. There's so much here. I especially love the whole pervasive theme of identity vs. tool, and how many different aspects of the movie it touches. Tony, obviously, as Iron Man and as the mechanic, two subtly different identities. And whether Iron Man and the suits are tools -- and what kind of tools. His suits as extensions of himeslf. His suits as tools of distraction, what he does instead of dealing. And the suits being used in so many different ways, by so many different people (to save, to imprison, used in partial configurations as armor or weapons or to be two places at once, suits that become an army...) And then of course the whole Manadarin thing is about identity being used as a tool. War Machine vs. Iron Patriot: identity. Even that little kid and his "I'm cold" manipulation is about identity. Tony's biggest fan, the guy with the tattoo: identity. Maya wondering how she got where she is: identity corrupted in service of a tool. Maya is such a wasted character. She's so interesting, I want to see more.

But I absolutely hate Aldrich Killian, even more this time. I hate him for being boring and stupid. It's worse when you already know the twists, because then you don't even have that to surprise you, and you're left with Killian the generic villain. He's the kind of guy who shoots someone he's been working with for over ten years because she's annoying him at that moment, and then makes a stupid quip about it. He's the kind of guy who wants to have power and will do anything to get it, but doesn't seem to have anything he wants to do with that power. The only character parts he has are done much better in The Incredibles.
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