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Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you in advance for your writing! I hope this letter will be helpful to you, but obviously it's all optional, and in some cases, just putting ideas out there.

In general, I prefer stories with some amount of plot. Either gen or something centered on a relationship is fine, but I'd rather not have any explicit sex, or sex as the main point of the story, please. I like things that are fairly close to the spirit of the original in these fandoms.

Bletchley Circle - I fell in love with this when I saw it. Women and math and codebreaking and teamwork and solving mysteries! I don't mind if you don't include all four women, but I like them all equally so I had to request them all, especially since each woman has her own special strength and area of expertise. I would love anything that showcases these characters: their next case, recovering from their first case, codebreaking in day to day life, continuation of their friendship now that they're reunited, an AU of Susan and Millie's planned trip that never happened in canon...

Forsyte Saga - I would especially like to see Irene in a non-Forsyte context. Despite Irene's importance to the plot, in Galsworthy's work, we only see her as she relates to the men in her life, and I'd like to see Irene standing on her own, as we know also happens. I'd be especially interested in Irene at school (obviously a formative experience for her, she's very sure in herself when we first see her, and I think her school is a big part of why) or Irene after she leaves Soames for good and before she reenters the Forsyte circle (it can't have been easy for her, but she not only survives, she does what she can for others as well -- but how did she overcome the difficulties she faced? Obviously, society was against her for the choices she made...)

The Princess Bride - If possible, I would like a sword-fight, please! Especially a sword-fight that says something about the characters involved, not just action but characterization. That's the main thing...but if you want more ideas, other things that interest me about Inigo Montoya: being really good at one specific thing, and having such a specific purpose, and the question of how he might change from the character we saw, after the movie -- how he might deal with situations that call for his specific skill, or that don't call for that skill. Is he an everything's a nail kind of person? Would he learn otherwise, once his specific reason for concentrating on that skill is gone? Does he take up the Dread Pirate role? What's he like as an old man? What if his wounds never completely heal? Could he ever become a teacher of the sword? I like all the other characters in this fandom as well, so feel free to include or not include anyone you'd like.

A Tale of Time City - I am fascinated by Jones' horseshoe of time. I'd like to know more about any of Jones' future history, and what it's like to live in any of those ages. (If you can work in butter pies (my favorite) or something else that we've seen in its Time City context and put it into a historical context, all the better :) I would also love a story that expands on the notion that people in history know about and visit Time City. What kind of experience is that? What kind of effect does it have on ordinary visitors? Do weird things ever happen to them because they're visiting an unstable era which is not connected to history? We see Time City from the inside in the book, even Vivian becomes an insider, but I'm especially interested in seeing it from the perspective of a complete outsider who might not understand everything about it. Feel free to use characters from the book or not, whatever you prefer; I don't really have a preference. (I like all the characters, but they're not really what interests me about this fandom).

Like I said, hopefully that's helpful, and thanks again!


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