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There are two main problems with this episode:

1) We just did a ton of I-don't-know-what's-going-on type plottage with Cordelia and her lost memory, so some of the fun of this tpye of thing is more 'just did this'.

2) There is no real plot, just characters sort of randomly permutating and basically making up enemies until Lorne wakes up and provides a deus ex machina solution. (The Buffy memory loss episode was a bit stronger, as I recall, despite the random method of spell ending, because there were real enemies coming after them...or after Spike, at least. The Buffy adults-become-teenagers episode is one of my favorites, but isn't as good a parallel with this one, IMO, since the main Buffy characters weren't adults at the time.)

Other than that, it's fun to see younger versions of characters (especially Wesley) and once Conner shows up there's Angel and Connor parallels, both over father issues, and also...well, Connor is so lost, but so was Liam. It's funny than Liam wins the fight -- I would have suspected that without Angel's experience it would go the other way, but I think the basic message here is that Connor still has a lot to learn, even more than Liam.

We still don't know what's going on with Cordelia, but she has her memory back. It's really too bad that Cordelia and Angel were never actually a couple, but they sure are teasing about it a lot.

Date: 2014-06-03 03:23 am (UTC)
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Which ep was the Buffy teenager one? I honestly can't remember! I remember the one where they become their costume characters on Halloween, and then there was some amnesia one where Spike and Giles think they're related or something? OMG my memory is going.

Yeah, you're reminding me that early S4 is actually kinda rocky. I chalk this one down mostly to light (?) humor, like Alexis Denisof doing physical comedy. (I still die laughing at the, um, phallicness of his discovering the spring-loaded wrist-stake-device-thing.)

Boreanaz's accent difficulties make Liam a little hard for me to buy here, but then at least he isn't trying to speak Korean. (I believe he speaks a line in "Parting Gifts" or some S1 episode. It was so bad that I fell out of my chair literally. To be fair, my own Korean accent is not much better, and I have far less excuse!)

I wish Angel/Cordelia had had better romance chemistry. I just never felt the vibe from them.

Date: 2014-06-04 04:19 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] yhlee
OMG I can't believe I forgot "Band Candy"! Buffy's face when she realizes Giles and Joyce have been, uh. *G*

I agree that this type of ep would be even better with scaffolding and the thought that went into "Well, how does the entire foundation of the character shift when you make X large change or erase Y memories?" but if something is going to be spun out and resolved within a 44-min. episode I usually don't have much hope of that happening. If it's an arc I hope to see more of that.

I read somewhere once that they just didn't even ask Boreanaz to attempt the Irish accent because it was Well Known that accents are not a thing he's good at, and after the trouble he had doing them for shorter flashbacks, it was decided that it would be too much to expect him to pull it off at all for a whole ep. I also remember once seeing a fic whose handwave was that Angel was so adaptable that the original accent was gone, but God knows, in the show Angel displays no facility for doing accents whatsoever. (Which, I am one of those people myself, but it's a little unfortunate in an actor playing a long-lived vampire. :p)

Clearly, Angel and Bruce should switch bodies. ;) Hilarity ensues!


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