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The premise of this episode is pretty good, showing the darker side of Lorne's gift without implicating him in that darkness...too much. I liked that Lorne was the one to destroy the glowy ball and end the destiny theft as well.

On the other hand, the idea that destiny is transferable only makes sense when it's something like becoming a chef and opening five star restaurants. Being a vampire with a soul and prophesied to have a major role in one of the apocalypses...losing that destiny obviously didn't make Angel not a vampire, so gaining it presumably wouldn't make someone into a vampire, so could it only be transferred to someone who was already a vampire? With a soul? Or would someone who wasn't a vampire with a soul suddenly have the destiny to do the things that a vampire with a soul should do...what, in fact, would it be like to have a destiny that isn't your own, especially if you weren't physically equipped for it?

(And what if the vampire with the soul in the prophecies was actually Spike? Is this a sign that whatever they suggest later about that possibility, it's definitely Angel who is the destined one?)

Overall, I'd have to say that the amount of shades of gray in this episode is pretty low. Evil is obvious and defeated, Lorne is rescued, and then suddenly Cordelia is back as well. You could blame Lorne for contributing to the evil, even if it was because he was being blackmailed with random deaths if he refused, but I don't think you're supposed to. I think it's supposed to be a pretty uncomplicated episode.

I am still really confused by this Cordelia plot. What is it supposed to be accomplishing?

Oh, but Cordelia thinks that Connor is very much like his father, so there's another point on the family matters side of things. And Fred and Gunn go on a semi-random road trip with Angel because they're worried about him, which probably counts as another, because they're not really held together by the mission at this point, but by concern for each other.

And there was some very obvious irony around the concept of family/friends, with Lorne saying that no one can take away the people you love, and then Cordelia showing up with no recognition of anyone.

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I love Lorne, but when he got added to the main cast it's like they just couldn't figure out how to shoehorn him in better--and IIRC S4 is juggling a lot of characters already.

You make excellent points about the logic of destiny-transfer. I...I just don't think that kind of logic is the strong point of Whedonverses. :]

I am still entertained by Fred in one of those Lornette outfits, but I am easily amused.


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