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Gwen Raiden is a very cool character. I really like the idea of the electricity-controlling thief.

The scene where she breezes in and then Angel and Fred and Gunn barge in behind her is great.

This episode made me remember when this show was about helping the helpless, though...and wonder if it still is at all. We get a glimpse of Wesley saving someone, running his own detective agency, and Angel sort of accidentally helps Gwen out of a tough situation where she was about to be betrayed...

It's not really clear how beneficial overall saving the thief from the greedy robber baron guy is, of course, even if Gwen is a cool character. It was a bit clearer cut in earlier seasons, wasn't it?

And then there's the scene with Lilah, in which she wonders why Angel's dealing with her, and he makes a threat...maybe what I really should be looking at is degree of shades of grey in each episode?

Because in terms of championing...Angel stopped Gwen from killing the greedy robber baron guy, should I give him credit for that? Is that acting as if the world were a better place than it really is? Yeah, actually I guess it is, so I'll give him credit there. But other than that, the whole episode is a slow and very indeterminate step on the Cordelia plot, since the characters find a resolution (which is a really weird resolution and doesn't make any sense and even Cordelia pointing out that it doesn't make any sense doesn't help it make any more sense...)

So yeah, the Cordelia plot is definitely the weakest part of this season so far, and I'm not majorly fond of Fred having a nervous breakdown either.

And in terms of family...this was not really an episode that advances anything on the family front, except that if these people are Cordelia's chosen team/family, they don't seem to know her very well, but like I said, whatever the Cordelia plot is (it drove me crazier last time, this time I'm just bemused), it's just so weird and badly fitting that I don't like drawing any conclusions from it.

Date: 2014-05-08 11:41 pm (UTC)
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Hi! I hope you don't mind me dropping in--I love Angel (esp. S4). I thought Gwen was a very cool character.

I loved S4, but I agree that there's a clarity about S1-S2, which derive more sharply from (what I understand of) noir. S4 is...not really very noir at all, it's all apocalyptic adventure complete with zombies.

Date: 2014-05-11 11:31 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] yhlee
Buffy is a great show too. :) It's just that Angel is the one I identify with more--I have bipolar disorder so I entertain myself thinking of Angel/us as bipolar. (I know that wasn't the intent. Well, as far as I know.)

I actually don't know that much about noir other than from the essays in Reading Angel and fandom essays about Veronica Mars as neo-noir! *G* I didn't know about the noir influences until after I'd seen the show.

The zombies show up mid-S4 when W&H falls to the apocalypse and they're very slight. I only even remember them because Gavin Park, Evil Korean Lawyer, becomes a zombie. (I'm Korean-American, so I take my evil Korean lawyer representation where I can get it. ^_^)


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