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1. I really wish I could write and finish things without a deadline. And more than that, apparently it takes a real deadline involving someone else who both wants the thing I'm writing and is contributing something, thus giving me a sense of obligation. But I've got too much stuff I want to be writing to actually sign up for an exchange right now...

Would anyone like to trade anything at all for a character study of Bruce Banner with lots of AU plot and reflections on power?

(It would be cool if there was somewhere you could go to give the thing you really want to write to someone else exchange style...but probably most people can manage to actually write the thing they want to write...)

2. I've been thinking about this a lot, and I would like to take back what I said about fanfic being a worthwhile thing and original fic being a worthwhile thing, but the place in between them being an undefined mystery on the map where monsters clearly reside. Or whatever it was that I actually said.

There's a lot more defined in there than I originally thought of, for example, on the fanfic side, AUs...I mean, what's the difference between a coffeeshop AU and an AU in which you've changed the worldbuilding of the canon? I mean, besides that I've never actually read a coffeeshop AU because I like more complicated worldbuilding, but still. In principle. And on the original fiction side, there are original things that are clearly inspired by other original things...

3. Converting my somewhat unwritten Avengers fanfic to original is not as hard as I thought it would be. It would probably be harder if more of it was written, yeah? And gosh, how much more streamlined...that's the bit that's making me a bit nervous, like I'm eliminating something important by removing all the bits and bobs that are there and don't necessarily fit together that Marvel has. Bits and bobs make it real and more like the world is large and full of things, right? I mean, it's like when I (theoretically) wanted to combine Maya Hansen and Aldrich Killian into one character in Iron Man 3 and just make Maya the villain, because I thought it would be stronger not have to quite so many layers of villain and sorta villain...but you streamline, yes, and then it's a less complex story too...

Also, the Buffy comics, season 8, where the world started seeming incredibly small because of how wherever they went there was someone we already knew...

Of course, streamlining to bring out the original elements of the plot...as a process, this is going to make it far more original than filing off the serial numbers would, or even, you know, adding curlicues to obscure the serial numbers and make them look like something else...

4. On a completely different note, I think I'm going to rewatch Angel Season 4 in May, and write about it here. So be warned!

Date: 2014-04-27 10:24 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] torrilin
AU done well is pretty cool. Buffy *can* lend itself to a lot of AU concepts, but the "standard" ones tend to completely miss the point. Marvel canon works better since the whole concept of AU is built into it. Don't like MCU? There's enough different universe numbers that almost any concept can work, and you probably won't come up with something weirder than stuff that is canon.


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