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Well, I like that Faith showed up, and I like her first scene with Spike, where she thinks he's evil.

Xander supporting Buffy (with a speech) wasn't bad either.

Oh, I also, in retrospect, suddenly really like the whole "this is a war" metaphor (and I wish that the way Buffy was acting was based on reality, that there was more evidence that this was a war, and not...a nothing with sudden forays into terrible but seemingly random defeat).

Power watch: Yeah, suddenly there's another random single being who's all kinds of powerful and totally defeats Buffy, and this time defeats the potentials too (not that there's any reason he shouldn't, given that he's superpowered and they aren't) and Faith as well. Caleb wins.

But also, Buffy loses. Actively. Everyone else was right, and taking the potentials in to a completely unknown situation that was obviously a trap and where nothing was at stake, without a plan, that was really stupid. But if she hadn't, there wouldn't have been any plot, so...

Other: I wish...okay, I like Storyteller a lot, but I like it as a single episode. Right now, with all the speeches, Andrew doing a Faith retrospective, Spike and Faith catching up, Caleb backstory with the First acting things out, and the Caleb voiceover narration about a story with a "happy" ending, there's way too much storytelling, not nearly enough actual story going on here.


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