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What a weird episode.

Power watch: Amy says "It's all about power." By which she means that she's jealous of Willow's power and therefore feels justified in doing anything she wants.

Also, apparently Spike needs to be shown as even more powerless (because being tortured by the First wasn't enough) and now he's spending his time falling all over the floor because of the pain (and it's only portrayed in a way that's at all sympathetic to Spike when Spike and Buffy are alone...)

In Season 6, Buffy spent time alone with Spike because she didn't have to pretend. Hypothesis: this is still why she spends time alone with Spike.

Other: There are three plot threads, and two of them are resolved and one of them is left hanging. Why do we not get Buffy's decision about Spike's chip?

I do not understand the choice to portray what was happening by jumping back and forth between the actor who played Warren and the actor who played Willow.

Also, this is another episode in which everyone goes off and does their own thing separately.


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